Welcome to BrandSum+

How it Works

What is BrandSum+?

A quick and simple method for seeing differences in how people think about a brand

A unique, human-led approach requiring minimal input.


The most important resource you have

Is your own people.

No consultant, no outsider, no algorithm knows as much about your brand and company as the people who use it, work there, live and breathe it.

Use them – get their views in a simple but effective way.

Your own people fill in a simple form...

(Which takes less than 2 mins)

You might get this raw result...

(Instantly and without edits)

Shown by department this looks like this...

(Department could be management vs marketing, different locations or different consumer groups)

And can show issues like this...

(Where the absolute values are shown in green, with the problem areas of perception highlighted in yellow)

Along with a persona dashboard like this...

(This has an automatic commentary on the gaps in perception as well as your brand persona, as seen by your sample groups)

It all begins with 7 simple questions

From these “Brand Binary Attributes” we define all of our data.
  • Premium
  • Cutting Edge
  • Modern
  • Urban
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Trustworthy
  • Young
  • Male

What is BrandSum+ good for?

See how different groups

see your brand

See what your own team

thinks about your brand

Read the perceived persona

Of your brand, according to everyone

Introducing the BrandSum+ Dashboard

Currently in beta testing. From the input of your users we create an overview of the data. This includes highlights of your top three “Gaps” based upon your industry.

We also generate, from the average values of how you are perceived, a written persona of your brand.

BrandSum+ dashboard

BrandSum+ used by

Brand managers

Are your team getting that message you have created?


For clients, pitches and briefing

Managers & C-Suite

See what your organisation and customers think of your brand.


And academics

What people are saying:

This could solve a lot of problems I have describing a company to that company.
Paul Bay

CEO, Citizen Brand

Well now, how interesting… I was not expecting that.

Lecturer, University of Worcester

Test your Brand's perception now

Follow the process, by starting a survey of your own brand. Then be the first to enter values – did we say it will take 2 mins? Then send your own private link to your colleagues and beyond.