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Our Creative Commons DIY gude – new for 2015

How to Audit Your Brand Online

Welcome to the Digital Brand Review

With new methodology and marking criteria. Our planning and investigations can be summed by the two diagrams below…

How do your customers see your brand?

Modern, Established, Corporate, Clean

And what about online?

Cheap, Fly-by-night, Amateur

Step 1: We work out what your brand values are

Does this match your own perception? If not why not?

This can be described as the Brand Matrix below – with X marks the spot on each bar.

Brand Value Matrix

Step 2: We look at & test the integrity of your channels online

Do they differ from each other & match the above brand values?

Core Logo and message


Search Results

Corporate Website



Video / Images



+ Whatever else we find

Typical Brand Spider - Channel based Digital Brand Review

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