Who Are We?

And where did BrandSum+ come from?


BrandSum+ has been several years in the making. At its heart is the idea that we should all be talking in the language of analytics, and that design and brand perception should be no different.

We started, with Digital Brand Review, to look out how a brand’s perception differed over various channels online. So what would Facebook say about your brand compared with Twitter? What would we, experts of digital, suggest your digital strategy is, judging from what we can now see online?

Out of our presentations to various board rooms, we found the most interesting part of the process was to see how various people within an organisation perceive their own brand, compared with us, but also amongst themselves. And that essentially is what a BrandSum+ survey does.

Both rely heavily on what we call the binary attributes, which are our way of describing any brand. We have spent more time defining these attributes to be a delicate balance – perhaps they are not right for your project (in which case call us and we shall set you up a custom survey) but they do work.

We believe that if you see your own organisation’s feelings about your brand it will be immensely useful. We cannot give you all the answers. It is up to you to work out why you have differences of opinion among groups, and then to work out what to do about it. Get Started with your own Survey – its as free as you want it to be.


My name is Sam Collett

I am an academic, designer, coder and all round geek. I think in a strategic way, while working on projects big and small, for brands big and small. I found myself thinking about the way that brand managers, designers, clients and their customers interact with each other.

BrandSum+ started life as a self-funded research project at Worcester University but the more people we show the more useful this tool feels. So let us see where it takes us!

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